Play Events and purchase their packs as event packages have highbred chances on better summons, so it would be clever to save your Dragon Stones. Don’t waste them on things like retries or to refill your stamina. At least if you do not have a team of UR or LR characters because then you can need the Stamina to be able to play more levels. As to wait for your stamina to refill can be quite long if you just want to play a little at this moment. This is the thing what holds you back the most from making progress in the mobile game. Because of the missing stamina and also the rareness of Dragon Stones, some people made a Dokkan Battle cheats. Don’t know what I am talking about? This is a lovely little website which gives you access to Dragon Stones, Zeni and Baba Coins.

All resources are included so you can purchase everything you like and build one of the best teams in Dokkan Battle that is possible. With over 600 characters available in the game it can take quite a while and a lot of resources to get the ones you like the most. With using the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats you just make sure to never run out of resources. This is the most important help for you in the whole game, but there are still some other tips that stay important for example you still need to know how to do the most damage to your enemies. Below you can read more about how you should play the battle part the best. So make sure to read on and use the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats as soon as you can.

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Find the 7 Dragon Balls

In every stage, you got the chance to find one of the seven Dragon Balls. If you collect all of them, Shenlong is going to fulfill you a wish. When doing this for the first time, I would recommend you to take „I want more allies“ as this will give you 10 Dragon Stones and space for ten more characters.

When you used the Dokkan Battle cheats the Dragon Stones it gives you won’t matter anyways as you can generate hundred thousands of them. On the other hand, the space for the characters is really important for you.

Fighting tips

These tips are critical for fighting; otherwise, you will end up getting beaten by your enemies. So when you are in a battle you see five rows of orbs, always combine orbs that fit the characters color as this will increase the damage and your KI. HP is also getting restored when attacking with the color of your character. Also, make sure to awaken your characters and evolve them to the next level. The rarer they get, the more you have to level them up. The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats tool is giving you access to the rare UR and LR characters anyway so you only have to level them to the max or awaken them once only. So you will have a much easier job while playing as they are dominant from the beginning.

Another pretty useful tip is it to always switch to the most efficient one in the battle.

STR -> PHY -> INT – > TEQ -> AGL -> STR and so on.

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If you are attacking a STR character with an AGL character, this will double your damage, but if you take STR to attack AGL, this will halve your damage. So make sure never to attack a character that is strong against your type.

At best you should have one character of every Orb type, so you are prepared for every possible fight situation and don’t have to switch your team all the time. The Dokkan Battle cheats will make sure that you got the strongest possible character of each type if you spend enough time opening multi-summons.